DM04 Repeater Group
224.200 MHz & 448.55 MHz & 1282.900 GHz

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Yearly membership is $75.00 - including autopatch and all other features
Toll phone charges are extra
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Welcome to DM-04 amateur radio repeater Group. We have combined the latest equipment and technology to build a unique amateur radio repeater system.
Our goal is to provide our members with reliable, wide coverage communications with autopatch access. We have designed our system to work as reliably with a low power handheld as it will with a high power mobile radio.
Our repeater coverage is currently West to Oxnard, North past Saugus/Newhall, East almost to Palm Springs and South past Anaheim. Some members have made autopatch calls from San Diego!!
Unlike the other repeaters available for your use, our system has multiple repeaters located on multiple mountain tops. This alone would vastly improve the coverage, however we have taken it a step further.


Our system make use of full duplex voting. This simply means that your signal is received by the main repeater and by the receiver on the other mountain top. The other mountain then relays your signal to the main repeater. Special electronics then monitors both signals and selects the cleanest signal to be repeated by the system.
Voting gives our repeater the best quality, highest receiver sensitivity available anywhere. Handheld or mobile, if you can hear the repeater, you'll be able to access it.
The voting feature is currently operating on our 220 system. Voting for the 440 system will be operational soon.


Our system has a simple philosophy; "Autopatchs have priority over all other traffic." There are hundreds of repeaters available in Southern California for getting on the air and having a good talk. Our group wanted a repeater that was always available for an autopatch call.
Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to make an autopatch and having to interrupt an ongoing discussing on antenna theory. After you interrupt, you know that everyone is listening to your call. You will find that our systems is very rarely busy. If you need to make an autopatch right now, you can. You are of course welcome to just talk on the system, but remember if someone need to make an autopatch, they have priority.
If your were listening after the 6.6 earthquake, you would have found that our systems were not only working (thanks to battery backup), our phone lines were working as well!!!! Thanks to the community service we provide to the Burbank Emergency Amateur Radio Service(BEARS), our phone lines are on priority status!!! The phone company makes sure our lines work first!!! Our phone bill had a call to Arizona 8 minutes after the quake.


Your yearly membership covers your whole family. Husband and wives and kids (as long as they are licensed amateur radio operators) are included in your single membership.
When you join our system, you will select a home repeater band. You can select either 220, 440 or 1.2GHz as you main band. You will be assigned 2 -"Autodial slots" on your home repeater and given the system command codes.
These codes can be used on your home repeater and on all the other repeaters in the system. If you have both 220 and 440, you can use both repeaters and use the same command codes.
When you join, you will be given a step by step instruction book explaining all the system commands. Our group of friendly control operators are monitoring in case you have any problems on the air.


For a one time additional fee of $60.00 (this pays for the parts), we can set you up with your own private PL tone. This will allow you to use the CTCSS repeater of your radio.
For those of you not familiar with this feature, it will allow you to only receive transmissions that include your private PL tone. You'll be able to leave the radio on at home or in the car and never be bothered by conversations or by an autopatch from others. (My wife always uses this feature, she never hears anyone but me on the radio). Of course, you can turn the feature off and hear everything on the repeater.
The Private PL feature is currently operating on our 220 OAT system. Since this feature is not well understood by our membership, we have not implemented it on 440. We have the equipment but no requests, yet!!!!


Another feature of our system is the ability to access others frequencies through the repeaters. We have programmable radio linked to the system for your use. Currently we have 6 meters, 2 meters, 440 MHz and 1.2 GHz radios.
With the proper command code, you can turn a link radio on and enter a frequency, offset and PL. You can select to only monitor the frequency or to have the system transmit your signal on the frequency.
We have been co-ordinated to use 147.525 simplex full time with our 220 repeater. This means that all repeater activity, except autopatches) are simulcasted on 147.525. Talk on 220 and anyone on 147.525 can hear you and talk back (if they know the proper PL tone) You can change the frequency if you want or even change bands.


Both our mountain tops are in the 818 area code. The autopatch phone lines operate just like your phone lines at home. We are charged the same rates you pay from your home number. If you want to dial outside the area code, dial 1, the area code, and the number.
Your yearly fee helps us pay for site rental, equipment purchase and repair and basic phone access. If you make toll calls, we expect you to keep track and send in some additional funds to cover the calls. We work on the honor basis and have not yet had a problem in 5 years.


Our repeaters are available for emergency communications when the City of Burbank activates the Burbank Emergency Amateur Radio Service (B.E.A.R.S.)
During times of emergency operations, BEARS will be operating an emergency net, helping the City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) communicate with key locations within the city. Amateur operators are assigned positions in Hospitals, airports, schools and fire stations.
During these operations, like the 6.6 earthquake, BEARS traffic will have priority over all other repeater traffic. If you have an emergency, contact net control and ask permission to make you autopatch. Unless BEARS is in the middle of a life or death situation, they will let you make your call.
BEARS hold a weekly net on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. You are welcome to join and help the city of Burbank prepare for "the big one".

Control Operators

Contact any of our control operators if you have any questions or comments.
Call Sign Name Phone Number
N6MQS Bill S. (818) 843-4080 Wk
KB6YZD Doug W. (818) 278-2503 Pgr
N6OSO Marc C.
KC6LON Jack H.(818) 542-7227

Yearly Fee

Our current membership fee is $75 per year, paid yearly. After the first year, membership may be paid quarterly. ($20.00)

DM04 Repeater Group
POB 1428
Burbank, Ca 91507
(818) 843-4080 Voice
(818) 846-2298 FAX

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