e-mail...sent to your FAX machine
If you can't check your e-mail throughout the day, let our automatic FAX service do it for you.
Our FAX server will check your mail every 10 minutes and FAX messages to your FAX machine.

You can set-up a second e-mail account for automatic FAXing.
For Example:
Bill's e-mail address is
any messages sent to him will wait
for him to pickup his e-mail.
He has set up a SECOND e-mail account
any messages sent to him here are automatically
FAXed to him!!

If you have an order form on the Internet, you should have your e-mail order forms FAXED to you!!

You never need to access the internet to pick up e-mail that is FAXed. It is deleted after the fax is sent.

Fax Service with your current e-mail address: $15.00 per month* / $10.00 Start-up fee.
Fax Service with a second e-mail address: $20.00 per month* / $20.00 Start-up fee.
    *This fee is based on non-toll phone fees and under 100 faxes per month.

Sign-up now...
This e-mail form will be FAXED to us automatically.
Current e-mail address: example bills@artsci.net
Optional NEW e-mail address: example faxbills@artsci.net
Fax Phone number: This is where e-mail will be sent to
Service selected $15.00 per month using your current e-mail address
$20.00 per month using NEW e-mail address

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