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STATUS Whats happening at artsci.net
Things are happening everyday at artsci.net. We are adding new services, equipment and features daily.
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May3, 2001
The following switches will be serviced on: 05/16/2001
SBC-ASI (PacBell) Requires a maintenance window to take identified switches off line (2 hour interval) between 00:01 and 6 AM to facilitate traffic capacity augment. This a blanket notification per switch, only specific cards are identified. For circuit ID information please contact Pacific Bell Marketing Executives if you have any questions. Thank you. Maintenance Engineer SBC-ASI West.

In other words we will have a service interuption to webpages and dial up service the morning of May 16, 2001.
Sorry for any inconvenience

April 20, 2001
Artsci.net is in the process of updating and remodeling our server data center. We are purchasing all new dual processor Intel Pentium III servers with raid 1 hard drives.
Some customers may experience brief service interruptions.
If you are experiencing problems please contact our offices @ 818-843-4080 or email us at Artsci Support .

March 8, 1999
Starting this month, Artsci.net is going fully internet. This means all invoices and statements will now be sent via e-mail. While we are changing over to the new system, we will continue to mail some Net term invoices. .

March 6, 1999
Pacific Bell did some service in our local area on Saturday. Somehow they disconnected the third access phone number in our rotary set. User who were sent to 238-2322 fond the call was never answered. The problem was repaied on Monday at 7pm.

March 1, 1999
We upgraded all domain on Internet server NS3 to NS4. Some domains experenced a few problems. ALL DOMAINS ARE NOW SERVING FASTER.

January 1, 1999
We have made arrangement to expand our dial in points by joining forces with another ISP in the Valley. We now have full 56K access with news server. Most users can use the new dial-in numbers by simply changing the dial in number.

June 25, 1998
New look to our main pages.

May 15, 1998
We now have nationwide access numbers for our dial-up customers

May 1, 1998
We have added a Windows NT server and a Microsoft SQL server for our domain customers. This will allow us to provice Activer Server Pages.

April 13, 1998
We received our SPIN # 143011073 from Universal Service. Schools can use this number for state funds for internet service.

April 12, 1998
Front Page extentions are now working!.

April 2, 1998
We have our JAVA buttons working again on the main page. Both Netscape and Explorer should see them move when the mouse place over them

March 20, 1998
We have installed our third server (ns3). It is being set-up to be the main mail server.

Feb 1, 1998
We have taken over the Internet services for Arise.net.

Jan 15, 1998
We have our Second Server (NS2) operational and serving pages

November 17, 1997
Our 56K lines have been active for about 2 weeks and everything is working great.
Currently users are not automatically forwarded from the xxx-2320 to the xxx-0110 if the lines are ever busy (fat chance).

September 22, 1997
WOW, what a day, Our DNS stopped working this morning. About half our users had problems getting access to mail and local web sites. We discovered that those users who have their systems set up properly with the proper DNS addresses, had no problems. Users who do not have both primary and secondary DNS address correct, have experenced some problems.
The problem was corrected by 6:00 pm. No mail or other services were lost.
August 25, 1997
We now have news feed available for our users. Interested parties should contact us for the news feed URL
August 18, 1997
Our Digital access number is now working 100%. The only users who will experence any problems are those who have their system improperly set-up. Make sure your have server assigned IP address and the proper DNS numbers
July 15, 1997
At 5:58 am we got a call from Pacific Bell that they have detected a problem with one of our T1 phone lines. At 9:30am they sent out a team of techs to find the problem. They tested our equipment and internal lines found no fault. Approximately 12 noon, they descovered a line problem down the block (between 7-11 and the Hot Dog stand).
The problem was repaired at 6:02pm.

June 28, 1997
We have a new main home page. Do you like it?

June 20, 1997
We have now added new K56 modems to our system. We will be experimenting with the modems for the next few weeks. If you would like to try it out, contact us and let us know

May 16, 1997
We have added a new Acceptable Use Policy page for all our subscribers to view.

May 15, 1997
During the past 2 weeks our server has been assaulted by e-mail spam companies. They have sent thousands of e-mail spams relayed through our mail server. They had forged return e-mail addresses that did not work. It started 3 weeks ago when a new user started spaming with a forged IBM.com return address. We cancelled his account and removed him from the system

We have installed a new e-mail routing that prevents any relay e-mails. This may cause some problems for users who dial into some of our remote POPs. If you have this problem, contact Bill or John.

March 31, 1997
Today we have increased our internet access rate by THREE TIMES!!.
A Guestbook CGI is now available for all our domain customers.
Microsoft FrontPage is now supported.
We now have local POPs in Hollywood and West Hollywood.

March 19, 1997
All systems are operational.
February 26, 1997
Our server was down from 5:30pm until 9:00pm. We were performing some inhancements.

Some domain users have reported some problems using the earthlink CGI mail forms. Everyone should be using our CGI mail forms. See our December 20, 1996 comments on the new cgi format. IT is vastly superior to earthlinks.

February 15, 1997
We have solved the Jan 13th problem. It involved a reverse DNS problem. Some sites wanted specific information about where our users were contacting them from.

February 13, 1997
We have designed some new Counters and Time/Date Displays.

For complete information please visit the Counter Instructions Page.

January 13, 1997
We have discovered that certain internet domains have a serious time delay problem when you attempt to access them from Netscape. For example www.bofa.com & www.wellsfargo.com.

We reported this problem to Pacific Bell Internet. They sent us the following e-mail:

Subject: Latency on the Internet
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 15:53:59 -0800
From: ______@pbi.net
To: bills@artsci.net

Good afternoon, Bill.
This is the standard answer that AGIS has for the latency that everyone in the LA area is experiencing right now.

We are currently experiencing packet-loss and latency problems with our backbone circuits that connect to Los Angeles.

We are in the process of obtaining additional bandwidth for many LA backbone circuits in addition to coming to a permanent solution to the problems we've been having with our LA router.

At this time, there is no definite ETR, but we are working as fast as humanly possible to obtain and turn-up the additional bandwidth needed for Los Angeles.

While there is no ETA on the additional bandwidth in this message, AGIS engineers hope to have customer traffic on the new bandwidth in about a week

--------------- We are following this problem very closely.

December 20, 1996
Wow it is close to X-mas and we have brought all you HTML programmers a little gift - FORMMAIL.CGI!!

We now have formmail.cgi working with all the bells. The mini form below will show you how to make it work.

Note the few lines with the comment out '!' symbol. These are optional form items.

For a detailed formmail.cgi tutorial see
Guestbook Documentation


<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="http://www.artsci.net/cgi-bin/formmail.cgi">
<INPUT Type="HIDDEN" NAME="recipient" VALUE="artsci@artsci.net">
<input type=hidden name="return_link_url" value="http://www.artsci.net">
<input type=hidden name="return_link_title" value="Back to Main Page">
<!input type=hidden name="redirect" value="http://www.artsci.net">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden name="subject" VALUE="artsci.net guestbook form">
<!input type=hidden name="background" value="http://your.host.xxx/image.gif">
<input type=hidden name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
<!input type=hidden name="text_color" value="#000000">
<!iinput type=hidden name="link_color" value="#FF0000">
<input type=hidden name="title" value="Guestbook Form Results">
<!input type=hidden name="required" value="asender,name">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="sort" VALUE="alphabetic">

Your e-mail address: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" size=35 NAME="email" >
Name (first and last): <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" size=35 NAME="realname">

<input value="Submit Entry" type="submit"><input type="reset">

December 16, 1996
Our Server died at 2:30pm. The main motherboard failed. Our warrenty provided us with an immediate replacement (we drove to Downdown L.A to get it). We had it installed, tested and back on-line by 5:30 pm.

No mail was lost thanks to the back-up service provided by Pac-Tel Internet

December 12, 1996
We are working on a new HTML form CGI. We will present the interface Commands on this page.
We have added a new NT server on the system. It contains a GREAT mail program that we hope to bring you soon!!

October 31, 1996
The new server software now REQUIRES all htmls that access the cgi-bin to be saved as .shtml. This will speed up the server for all standard .html documents (the server no longer need to review all .html documnets while downloading them for a cgi call..


If you use linking within a document to another location within the same document, the server now requires a minor change. OLD WAY ie http://www.domainname.com/filename.html/#JUMP
OLD WAY ie http://www.domainname.com/filename.html#JUMP

Note the slash is no longer required.

October 30, 1996
We Installed new server software. The system was not operating properly from 12:00 - 4:00 pm. Domains could not be accessed. All attempts brought up the artsci.net main page.

October 14, 1996
Upgrade complete.

October 12, 1996
We had planned to upgrade the server today.. We discovered that a missing file prevented the upgrade..

October 7, 1996
We created and uploaded a new artsci.net home page. Did you notice? ..

September 29, 1996
We had an IP address problem when we attempted add a new domain. It caused the system to malfunction. We had the problem repaired within 2 hours.

September 2, 1996
We are installing a system upgrade on Wednesday morning, between 8:00 & 9:00 am.

If you have a problem using the counter....Make sure the counter.cgi is installed in your cgi-bin.

August 20, 1996
John generated a little sweat to get it done...... The Counter will now
work with all unique domain accounts!!!
Use the same commands as described below
Problems? email johnm@artsci.net

August 19, 1996
Our system now has a counter for your HTML page.
Currently it is only working on shared users. ie www.artsci.net/~name

For a basic numeric return insert one of the below command EXACTLY as shown where you want the count to appear.
The first one return only a number, the second a number-ord.

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter.cgi" -->
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/counter-ord.cgi" -->

Unique Domain users will have a counter available by weeks end.

August 15, 1996
After the power failure last week, we purchased a UPS.

July 31, 1996
The system is operational.
Vtrual mail is operating.

July 18, 1996
The system is operational.
Our programmers are completing a hit counter for all artsci.net users to access

July 17, 1996
A programming error caused .jpg file types to load incorrectly.



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