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Now your company can accept Credit cards
Visit the Accept credits Now! site.
It's easy, It's inexpensive and will increase your sales. We have made arrangement with Imperial Bank to sign you up quickly and no hassles. They are very Internet friendly!

Shopping cart and Database for our business users
We can now help our business customers jump ahead of the competition with their own advanced Internet shopping site. Visit our Pricing page and find out how easy it can be. A Sample site is available for you

Get Free Internet or Cash!
Let your friends and associates know about our great internet service and earn a few bucks in the process. Visit our reward page and find out how easy it can be.

NEW--State wide access Numbers! is proud to announce that we are now a Statewide Internet Provider. We have Dial-in access all over California and in Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, New York and Washington!

All our new access numbers are 56K Flex and ISDN compatable!

Dumping SPAM mail
Visit the Netscape site and download the new Netscape communicator (it's free). It has an e-mail filtering feature that will send all spam mail directly to the trash!! (or any mail directory you wish)

Internet Software on CD will soon be distributing different software for our new dial-in users. Distributed on CD, it contains all the internet programs you will need for the MacIntosh, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT. Visit for a complete list. If you wish to use the new software package, you may order the CD from us for $25.00. Upgrading to the new software is NOT necessary.

We're famous, almost
Our local Newspaper, The Burbank Leader has heard about our Educational Programs and stopped by to take some photos and find out all the information.
We were pleased with the article, but there is some confusion about who's who. They mixed the names up of the two handsome "whizzes".
Take a look at the picture (57K) or read the whole article (129K).

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