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Specializing in Web based Technology for business

Artsci.net is a full service Internet provider in Burbank, California.
We do more than just Host your business on the Internet.

Status July, 2024

All Servers are operational.

New Microsoft Exchange E-mail server 4/21/22

Web/Browser Based Email Click Here
Advanced e-mail You will visit https://login.microsoftonline.com/login.srf and Use your full email address and your current password to log in.

June 20, 2022 All Email accounts will be Billed at $35.00 per year.
Godaddy is not giving us a choice.

Please arrange your payment before they shut off the account for non payment.

You can have up to 200 Alias email on your domain for the one yearly charge. ie. ANYNAME@domain.com will be sent to youremail@domain.com.

You will need to follow instructions to convert your current E-MAIL Program (i.e. Apple Mail, Outlook etc. to use new settings.
Click here for automatic set up


See Instructions at: https://productivity.godaddy.com/#/updateDevices

Advanced Users can see detail instructions at:

Godaddy has dropped use of the older email system because of Security Concerns.

We may expect an additional Monthly Charge for each e-mail address. We will keep you informed.

If you have a problem, Call Bill and leave a message at 818-843-4080 or use the contact us form on the left to send us a message.

BE CAREFULL of the E-Mails you receive:
Phishing is the practice of luring unsuspecting Internet users to a fake Web site by using an authentic-looking e-mail in an attempt to steal passwords, account information or other sensitive data.

Why choose Artsci as your Internet Company?
Personal Support. When you have a question or need support, Bill or Sergio or Paul will answer the phone or call you right back.

You will have one contact person who KNOWS you and your Web site.
We want you as a customer for life, and treat you like a friend.

We build our own software to make your web site Interactive. Below are examples of our Current Designs:

Calculator - Easy to use Java Calculator Click here
RPN Calculator - Easy to use Java Calculator RPN CALC
E-Mail Access - Send and receive your e-mail from ANY Computer Sample
Shopping Cart - Easy to manage database of Products and customersSample
On-line Address Book - Access your personal address from any Computer!!!
Project manager - Track your TO DO Tasks any where any time.
Chat Room - Set up your own Company Chat room.
Message Board - Set up your own Discussion area.

Your own personal Account representative will be available to work with you.
Ask our clients and your see we do more than just Host Your Domain.

Call (818) 843-4080 for more details.

Like to have your own Search Engine, like Yahoo?

We can build you one! Look at the one we built for Bead Search

E-Commerce!!! Sell products on-line (SECURE)

We can do it for you right now! Check out

We Specialize in more than Beauty Stores, We Build Pet Supply sites, Electronics Sites and more.

Our Favorite Sites

HTML Development Tools
Colortest - Find the right colors for your Web Page
HTML HELP - Handy reference
On-line Editors - for NT Servers

Fun Pages for our Friends
Its fun.
Joke page Caution, some visitors may find a few jokes are for adults only.
Play Draw poker Our Internet Draw poker game.

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